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Our Story

The internet - and the world - as we know it is rapidly changing. We are evolving from Read and Write Web2, to Read, Write and Own Web3, where we take ownership of our digital assets through the Blockchain and decentralised platforms.

Many individuals struggle to keep pace with developing and emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and the metaverse, resulting in a lack of opportunities for career advancement and personal growth.

Existing educational resources often fail to provide accessible, up-to-date, and practical learning experiences tailored to the needs of tech enthusiasts.

Our Purpose

  • Making emerging tech accessible - We develop an e-learning platform, technical blog and thriving community with an acute focus on emerging and evolving technologies.
  • Mitigating the barrier to entry - We seek to democratize access to these fields, overcoming barriers such as socioeconomic disparities, steep learning curves, and resource constraints.
  • Promoting practical application - Our platform provides engaging, certified, and gamified learning experiences that bridge the gap between theory and practice, equipping learners with practical insights and real-world expertise.

Our Mission

We want to empower young professionals in tech to explore emerging technologies through comprehensive courses and a curated blog.

Our overarching goal is to democratize access to these fields, overcoming barriers such as socioeconomic disparities, steep learning curves, and resource constraints, thereby facilitating widespread participation and proficiency in the future of technology.

Meet the Team

Nkeiruka Whenu

CEO and Founder

Nkeiruka is a Full-Stack Software Engineer, Public Speaker and Tutor armed with 8+ years of education experience. Nkeiruka has spent her life ushering students into the world of tech since she was one herself. Now, with new technologies appearing every moment, Nkeiruka seeks to collate and share these findings so that every curious spirit has a place to call home.

Rachael Olumuyiwa

Partnerships and Outreach Manager

Rachael is a Junior Tech Consultant and an avid student of technology, with a strong foundation in computer science. She has a real passion for connecting people with incredible opportunities. Along with marketing expertise, she aims to introduce tech enthusiasts to emerging technologies, and give our students the stepping stone they need to delve into the industry itself.

Kelechi Henry

Blog and Course Content Curator

Meet Kacey, a dedicated tech enthusiast based in Nigeria. With a love for the dynamic landscape of emerging technologies, Kacey aims to demystify its complexities, providing a clearer perspective on the future of technology. Together with readers, Kacey navigates the digital frontier, translating the intricate language of quantum computing and emerging tech into understandable and insightful narratives. Join Kacey on this exploration—one byte at a time.

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