Empowering Students with AI: Continuing the Journey Toward Discovery

Following Up on AI with Web3sy and ELATT

If you’ve been following Web3sy’s events, you’ll know that last week we partnered with ELATT to introduce an incredible group of young SEND students to the world of AI. This week, we had the privilege of returning to continue our exploration, and the experience was even more enriching!

Deepening Our Understanding

Building on the foundation we established last week, we delved deeper into the key technologies driving AI, such as probability, machine learning, and neural networks. We also explored their real-world applications in robotics, natural language processing, and image recognition. This progression allowed students to connect the dots between our previous activities and these advanced concepts, enhancing their comprehension and sparking greater curiosity.

Dynamic Ethical Discussions

A standout moment of the session was our discussion on the ethics of AI. The students were highly engaged, debating both the positive and negative impacts of AI in today’s world. They offered unique perspectives on the benefits and potential job disruptions caused by AI. This lively debate format inspired the students to think critically about the ethical implications and future roles of AI.

Hands-On Creativity with Bloomy.ai

We concluded the session with an exciting hands-on activity using Bloomy.ai, where students had the chance to create music with the help of AI. Our Web3sy team, ELATT instructors, and even the Ofsted inspectors present agreed that the students thoroughly enjoyed this creative application of AI. This interactive experience not only made learning fun but also provided a tangible demonstration of AI’s potential in creative fields.

Looking Forward to Future Workshops

The enthusiasm and curiosity shown by the students reaffirmed our commitment at Web3sy to demystifying complex technologies and making them accessible to all. We are eager to host more workshops like this, continuing to empower the next generation with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in a technology-driven world.

If you would like to host a workshop of your own or are interested in what else we have to offer please reach out through this link: https://www.web3sy.com/contact/


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