Empowering Students with AI: A Successful Workshop Recap

Introduction to AI with Web3sy and ELATT

Web3sy recently had the pleasure of hosting an enriching workshop in collaboration with ELATT, aimed at SEND students aged 18-24. This hour-long in-person event was designed to introduce learners to the fundamental concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI), its various applications, and its significant impact on society. The workshop began with a brief history of AI, outlining its evolution and the various forms it takes today. We delved into how AI is utilized in different industries and daily life, sparking curiosity among the students about their own interactions with AI, often without realizing it.

Founder Nkeiruka Whenu and Outreach Manager Rachael Olumuyiwa discuss the impact of Artificial Intelligence on society with students

Engaging and Interactive Learning

One of the highlights of the workshop was the hands-on demonstration of machine-learning technologies. Students were actively involved in these demonstrations, which made the learning experience not only informative but also highly engaging. The interactive nature of these sessions allowed students to see AI in action, deepening their understanding and sparking further interest.

Students experimented with Google Quick, Draw! and were challenged to think of how its Machine Learning technology functions

Inspiring the Future

The success of this workshop was evident in the enthusiastic responses from the students. It was incredibly rewarding to see their smiles and hear their thoughts as they began to grasp the vast possibilities AI holds for the future. This experience was as beneficial for us at Web3sy as it was for the students, reaffirming our commitment to making complex technologies accessible to all.

Looking Ahead

We look forward to hosting more workshops like this in the future, continuing our mission to break down barriers and empower the next generation with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in a technology-driven world.

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