Apple’s Bold Leap into AI: Introducing Apple Intelligence

One of the biggest announcements in Artificial Intelligence for the consumer space came out this past weekend from a new player in the AI game, Apple. 

This year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, where Apple announces its new products and services each year, was the most popular in years thanks to one major innovation: Apple Intelligence. It was expected that once Apple finally entered the AI market, there would be a significant shift in the technology landscape. After all, there are few products as integrated into lives worldwide as Apple phones, computers, and software. The sheer amount of data that Apple alone has access to on each phone is enough to revolutionize the everyday usage of artificial intelligence, and it is clear everyone is here for the hype. Apple stock hit an all-time high following the announcement and it is about all anyone can talk about, so here’s everything you need to know about Apple Intelligence.


Apple has touted a wide range of applications for its new artificial intelligence system, but which are truly helpful? From customizable Genmojis to a newly designed image playground app, it seems the AI is balancing fun and function as of right now. However, there are still a couple of impressive applications that could drastically increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your work life. Here is a look at the features we see as the most useful for your day-to-day:

  • AI writing tools that can edit, rewrite, and proofread your text: Apple claims that their new writing tools can be used “almost anywhere you write”(1) but whether these tools will be effective in most third-party apps is hard to say. Nevertheless, the idea of AI expertly reading and editing emails and documents at the click of a button sounds exciting.
  • Clear summaries of everything from long emails to phone calls to transcripts: Integrated into the mail app will be a summary feature that will cut down long emails to more digestible text, and similar features are available for the notes and phone apps. 
  • Notification prioritization: Apple has previously come out with a wide range of focus statuses on top of their original Do Not Disturb, including Personal, Work, and Sleep. Though, if you have used these you know they aren’t exactly efficient at filtering useful notifications from distracting ones. Now, however, Apple has announced Priority Notifications based on its Apple Intelligence which will interpret the content of notifications and not just the app it is coming from. 

If you would like to dive into the weeds of what is behind the Apple Intelligence models check out their research article released following the conference: Introducing Apple’s On-Device and Server Foundation Models


With all these Apple Intelligence use cases comes the question of whether your data will remain private. There is no doubt that Apple Intelligence will be further trained on its interactions with customers once it is rolled out, which will likely be good and bad. On the positive side, the more you and everyone else use Apple Intelligence the better the AI should be at catering to your needs. It will also open new doors for improved third-party application experiences which can harness the power of AI software directly on your device. But there is still the worry of what data Apple will take from you to further train their model. As of right now, Apple has said none of your data will be stored, and by integrating directly into your IOS it can use your personal information without sharing it with anyone else. 

Hopefully, you are as excited as we are to see everything Apple Intelligence is capable of once it is rolled out this fall. If you like what you’ve read give us a comment, like, or share so that we can continue to teach others!

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