5 Ways Web3sy is Making Emerging Technology resources more Accessible and Engaging

Web3sy is lead by a small team who love emerging technologies. Anything new, on the horizon, or that has prospects to revolutionize the way we currently exist in and interact with our world really tickles our fancy. We love ETs so much that our mission is to expose as many people as possible to it so that they too can understand and be able to take advantage of up-and-coming exotechnologies as they come out.

So here are the ways in which Web3sy is trying to help you out!

  1. Writing technical blog content to keep you in the know.

Writing articles helps us not only consolidate what is going on in the news but also get the news out to you! Some of our recent articles have discussed topics such as the Bitcoin halving and everything you need to know about Robotic Process Automation (RPA). We craft our blog posts such that they are not only informative but also provide you with insights and different perspectives on key tools, services and systems in their respective industries. Best of all, we tell you how these things can affect YOU, so you can prepare yourself for them, or begin learning how to use them!

  1. Creating online self-paced and gamified courses to engage and educate you.

Our courses are what we are known for, however we fill in all the gaps that other major course providers such as Udemy and Coursera don’t. Here’s the minimum that you can expect from our Web3sy courses:

  • Self-Paced learning so you can upgrade in your own time.
  • Gamified content and quizzes to test your knowledge.
  • Practical projects so that you are not only being bombarded with theory.
  • Different media, so you’re not just reading lots of text.
  • Access to our community so you can discuss the course with others.

What are you waiting for? Maybe you should check them out. Click here to view all our courses!

  1. Sending cool news tidbits to our Discord community.

Ever wish you knew everything that was going on at once? No? Well we’ve collated everything we come across, anyway! In easy-to-browse channels, we have split all of the interesting technological tidbits that we come across, into different sections, so whether you have an interest in Quantum Computing, or an interest in Robotics and hardware, we have different channels whereby you can share your interests and learn new ones!

  1. Coming to YOU through in-person networking events.

Based in London, we take pride in having become a part of the entrepreneurial and Web3 communities. We want to champion others’ learning and self-development and so if you know of a networking event that addresses young professionals, Youth, or entrepreneurship, it’s very likely that we’ll be there!

In the past, we have appeared at events hosted by The Startup Events, Coding Black Females and have set up stalls at venues such as Queen Elizabeth’s Olympic Park!

  1. Building curriculums so we can bring our educational content to classrooms!

One of our goals for the end of this year is to begin bringing our content to you face-to-face! This may look like online bootcamps in which you are lead by an instructor, or even in-person bootcamps hosted in your local community. Keep an eye on this space to find out more.


So that’s that! These are the ways in which we are bringing what we know, to you. If you have any ideas, questions, concerns or opportunities for collaboration, we would love to hear from you. You can email inbox@web3sy.com or contact us on our Contact Us page! We love hearing from our audience in order to make our community  even more engaging :).

Until next time!

The Web3sy Team.

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